8 WooCommerce plug-in that can improve e-commerce Australian websites

woocommerce developerWoocommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plug-in for ecommerce website. It gives you complete control over your web store customer accounts to stock levels to taxes. Woocommerce allows you to sell both digital and physical goods.

Having a successful online web store integrated with flexible features is a dream for every retailer. And developing a website robust enough for satisfying the client is a challenge for every developer. WooCommerce has come for the rescue of our developers. Woocommerce is the best ecommerce platform providing feature-rich and user-friendly e-commerce websites.

Today every client wants complex functionalities in its eCommerce website including domestic and international product selling. To achieve client comfort the developers are working day and night. To help these Woocommerce developers we have a list of plug-ins that every Australian website Development Company should have.

Paymate Australia:

Paymate is an Australia owned payment gateway which provides fast payment settlements. Paymate doesn’t require any waiting for merchant account the account will be running in 1 business day. It also allows selling product in multiple currencies. It will convert currencies of $NZD, $USD, $EUR or $GBP into Australian dollars amount will be directly delivered into the bank account. The developer can use the API to integrate payments directly to the website. At Paymate the transaction is monitored by the company to prevent any fraud.

Pay-pal pro:

Pay-pal is a gateway plugin that allows credit card payment directly on the website. The customer just has to provide the credit card details during check out. A Woocommerce order page has all the same data as in a PayPal transaction page and vice versa. Paypal generates unique transaction ID for the authorization of the user.


Common wealth bank is the Australia’s largest bank and commweb is its online banking gateway. CommWeb is a complete payment gateway solution which offers secure, reliable and streamline administrative customer experience. It provides tailored reportings, easy integration and online refunds within the accounts system.

ANZ eGate:

ANZ eGate is a payment gateway solution that accepts credit card payments online and directly transfer the value into the merchant account through the Woocommerce shopping cart. The system of the merchant sends an encrypted message to ANZ eGate which processes the transaction and provides an approved response. A response is then displayed on merchants system.


eWAY includes VISA and MasterCard to ensure that the business can access to large customer group. The customers can make credit card payment without redirecting into third party site. Eway has the ability to host promotional flash sales in real time. Using eWAY’s Rapid3.1 API the customer can make the payment without leaving the store’s website. Eway provides the option for automatic up-sells and cross sells.


Transdirect gives you the access to Australia’s largest courier and freight companies. Transdirect provides seamless checkout procedure for your customers. It has features like: order sync functionality, multiple quote options, insurance options, box sizing, simple configuration etc. it gives best shipping rates from best companies of Australia like Toll Ipec, Fastway, Northline etc. it also has shipping calculator which provides cost of shipping and time of shipping.

Australia post:

Australia post is a WordPress plug-in that integrate the Australia post service with the ecommerce website. It also supports the new shipping zones which are introduced in WooCommerce 2.6.0. it has features like: dropshipping support, international shipping, packing helper guide, customized domestic shipping etc. it is proficient in converting measurement units into the units acceptable. It fetches postage rates for both domestic and international shipping service.

Table Rate:

Table Rate WooCommerce plug-in displays multiple rates for a given customer based on the conditions set by the administrator of the website. It is easy to use and simple to setup due to its familiar layout. THE Multiple shipping rates provided by it are based on location, price, weight, or item count. It uses wildcards to match the regions of shipping. It provides shipping options for the customers like standard or express and rates of shipping will be calculated accordingly.

So if you are a WooCommerce developer in Australia or you are Looking for a WooCommerce Website then you should make sure to have the above plug-ins to get the best user experience and flexible shipping.


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